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Meet The Team


Coach Lex

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Founder of Motifaith Fitness /

Certified Personal Trainer / Sports Performance Coach

Lex has been in the fitness industry for more than 19 years and counting with experience in many different areas of fitness and health. He has managed and educated many fitness professionals in variety wellness topics and helped develop their skills over the years.   He specializes in weight loss, youth-training, sports performance and injury prevention. An athletic, don't quit, push harder, type of mentality. 


Coach Hayden

Certified Personal Trainer /

Wellness Coach

Coach Hayden is an undergraduate student majoring in Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He's extremely passionate about his clients and holds his training position to the highest of standards to ensure the best results. Knowledgeable about human movement systems and nutritional planning. His hobbies include fishing, hockey, playing a variety of sports and strength training . Coach Hayden is excited to work with you!  


Coach Jesse

Certified Personal Trainer /

Wellness Coach

Coach Jesse has ignited his passion for fitness through various life goals and aspirations. He's focused on continually learning and growing as a fitness professional to provide you with the best experience as possible. He's extremely personable and knowledgeable and knows how to adapt to various setbacks and challenges on your fitness journey. He enjoys strength training and also has a passion for culinary arts. He specializes in Weight Loss, Injury prevention & rehab and general health strengthening. Coach Jesse is excited to work with you! 

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